My story….

Hi, I’m Rebecca

Welcome to my Blog –

Aside from being a typical suburban housewife and mother for years, I have another side to my personality and life.

For the last 30 years or more, I have been a sexual adventurer and seeker of sensuality.

I have had a toe in each world.

I have been many things including a gentleman’s companion and an escort. Yes they are very different.

I was a swinger for most of my 27 years of marriage.

At two points in my life I ran very popular sex positive sites. 

I have been an activist for a two groups “Body Positive Moment” teaching people to love the body they are in no matter the shape or size.

also very vocal with the “Sex Positive Movement”  a social movement and philosophical movement that promotes and embraces sexuality and sexual expression, with an emphasis on safe and consensual sex.

I have partnered with various groups promoting everything from correct condom use to the stopping of human trafficking.

I’ve had a sex talk radio show and at least four blogs about my life.

I talk freely about sex and sensuality in a positive way that’s not degrading, not always politically correct but always honest.

At age 51 I still model nude for elite art schools. I also work creative projects with some well known artists in their fields. If you are a collector or enjoy  Rubenesque or Voluptuous curvy Art you may have come across a painting or photo of mine.

Throughout my adventures, I have learned many things, and with age i have mellowed and gained prospective. My adventures have changed. But they are still far from normal. Like a piece of metal once bent then straightened out again It’s just never really right.

Enjoy my words.

Rebecca...mellowing with age, always talking, just mostly to herself, still “Your Crazy Bitch”