I scooped out one of my fish today and flushed him.

At one point i was dating the Village People. One Cop one Fireman and a construction worker. All i was missing was an Indian and Biker dude.

The Construction worker i nicknamed Captain. I was just being Sassy and the name fit.

I was enjoying texting with him. But he would say things and i would get irritated. I almost flushed him twice. I told him he was an asshole…he said you’re a big girl and can stop talking to me at anytime.


Oh My i kinda liked it. what’s going on here?

He’s a DOM

But he’s Vanilla?? so confusing.

I said what the Hell I’m on an adventure to learn new things about myself.

He suggested our First Date be a make out date. I had Nothing to lose. He came up with all kinds of rules. He titled it “THE CUM CHALLENGE”

Could either of us Cum from just kissing….I was thinking it’s just a way for a Vanilla to get some. But I’m intrigued By this pushy..pushy….meat head jock.

We meet and he looks like his Photos.

Ding Ding I’m all in now!

We get back to the house and in two seconds….still a blur. We are Getting busy.

Backing up his boosted loud mouth he did have some MAD SKILLS. Finding the buttons and pushing them over and over. Not allowing me to push his buttons. This was foreign to me and was a bit unnerved by it. He persisted at fending me off..it was about me and I was doing all kinds of party tricks. We got dressed and he was leaving.

“He Fist pumped me” Most women would be insulted by it. Not me it was what it was JUST fun Just a new toy.

He became attached. The Dom in me Chewed up the Dom in him. He would vanish for long periods of time to gain strength to come back at me. I would say let’s get ready to rumble and we would dance.

Rebecca, Still running with the big dogs, Always and forever a BIG Dom, Back where she is comfortable.