Come here my pet.

I call the men I date my pets. My fish to be exact. It fits on so many levels. Some are Hardly and last a while some only last a few days or mere hours. The abundance in varieties is plentiful.

I have a process if they make it off the dating site and are texting with me. I say they have are in the fish bowl. Most don’t make it to a first date. Conversation is a lost art. Most are unwilling or sadly unable.

If I want to just look at something pretty I’ll buy myself flowers to look at.

I NEED and crave the conversation.

While it may sound shallow I have learned you need to have a little attraction. They never look like the photo. I take the worst photo add twenty pounds less hair and imagine them ten years older.This seems to be dead on and work.

I can only guess It’s the escort in me that always wants to make sure they have a good date. I try hard to connect with them on something.

Left over “Girlfriend experience”

It’s hard to break out of it. I agree it is not fair to the date that thinks he was delightful. When in reality I was bored to death and thinking what to have for my next meal in my head.

I’m learning still as I go along and growing in leaps and bounds. These were skills i didn’t learn as a young adult. Still trying to find the shut off switch.

My education started with being a paid house cat. Then on to being married in a swinger lifestyle for years. Then becoming a married escort. My building blocks are warped or it could be the cement is lose.

Why share? why continue to blog? I have had so many reach out to me it’s humbling. I do it now for the SEX WORKERS.

The word sex worker encompasses everything from a simple sex blogger to published erotic writer. Someone who will lecturer about sex to the selling of sex toys. Being an escort or performer and many other things in I can’t touch on everything the list is long. Some struggle with some of the same issues everyday.

What happens when we leave the lifestyle or just become old. I have found very little correct and honest information on the fall out.

We are like a metal rod bent then straightened again but never truly right.

I have found and am learning we are many and most stay silent. I can only say that if I help one other not feel so damaged or alone i have done something.

Rebecca, Speaking for the silent, Still having tea with the Mad Hatter but at the head of the table, always living the dream.