I’m as honest as and upfront as a person can be.  Always the first to point out my numerous personality flaws. They are a big part of me.

We live in a world of only looking at pictures and not seeing the written word.

But my frustration level is high. I feel when i say something truthfully I expect a certain response. When I get a blank stare or….. your so pretty and a pat on my head. I can only imagine I’m speaking in a form of Pig Latin.

Can I replace my photos with a different or plain face. Would my words hold more value.

Yes the double standard attractive/beautiful is real.

Raised by “Two Skilled Narcissistic Attractive/Beautiful Parents”

I was taught from a young age how to use it. A part of my wiring. I don’t even realize when i use it, so natural it just happens.  You can only have growth with acceptance of yourself. So I admit my building foundation will always have theses few blocks. I can’t replace i can only build from where i am now.

Ten years ago the blog was called Beautiful Rebecca. I was a very different person and did believe I had little to offer but my shell. Here I had built three companies from scratch raise a family and still didn’t understand that skill set was worth anything.

With age and maturity comes wisdom and knowledge. I’m sure most are not going back to read the first few posts to understand where this story starts. I felt repeating it was a necessary evil.

Rebecca still a handful but more mellow with age, Not speaking in Pig Latin, Always and forever your Happy Bitch.