Really? nothing to say…..My voice I have been so silent. I just could not bring myself to post. My blog is 18 years old.It’s been told from many different angles as i grow and mature as a person. Ashamed one night i sat and burned roughly 24 of them.

The journey of being single and dating has been the hardest chapter for me. With Escorting & Swinging you have rules, protocol and safety measures. Dating in the real world is without a second thought the most dangerous and scary and daunting of all of my adventures.

On some level i felt if i posted all of the insanity that happened it would make me seem weak. I did fear it was somehow me and something i was doing. Could it all be bad or poor choices? Look at my words and learn some lesson non matter how small.

Sometimes word are just scribbles on a page with no substance.I will not judge what is worth reading anymore. A simple word can hold a wealth of chapters for the right reader. Enjoy what i didn’t burn.

Rebecca, The struggle is real. The rabbit hole is safer. I might be getting soft with age.