In a strange turn of events. Brains against Brawn. Death match with only one winner in the end….That being me of course.

It was our regular sci-fi movie night. Our general banter as always. The professor was acting odd. I think jealous. It’s hard to tell as he is so very soft-spoken. We are just friends at this point we took sex off the table many months before.

The Professor kept questioning me about the Captain. He asked me to bring up his profile for him to see. WHY?  well we are friends and I want to make sure your being safe. Sounded like a good answer to me.

He began to dissect captains profile. Shaking his head and saying He’s just a Dumb Jock.

I agreed…But something about him got my motor running. Sexual chemistry is a strange bedfellow.

I only knew it was eating at him the whole night. We always had frank and open talks about who we were seeing. Not real sure why this stuck in his claw.

I knew I couldn’t put it back in the box it was already out, and my truth filter wouldn’t allow it.

Yes call me a whore But I’m an honest one.

I’m not sure if I was dropped on my head. It could be the swinging or escorting in me. I Don’t usually get jealous and find it hard to understand when others do. I guess I’m just not wired like most. Interesting fact is my siblings are also wired just like me. Something lacking in our DNA? How we were taught…….that would be n interesting course of study.

A hug Goodnight lead to The Professor grabbing  handful of my hair and gently pulling my lips to his. He kissed me hard and deeply and that’s all it took to just melt me away.

This wasn’t about me.

It was a good old fashion pissing contest. He would not be out done by some stupid jock.

The professor got me to do all kinds of tricks. Did everything but pull a rabbit out of me. I’m not as young as I used to be. I tried to tap out a few times during the night.

When we were done…. he Fist Pumped Me! ( Just like the Captain )

But then smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

I can’t help but wonder was he marking his territory on nonsensical level that only he understood. We never were together in a sexual way again. He’s a complicated man on many levels I’ll never find the truth.

Rebecca, Sleeping on the couch because the bed is soaked, Care don’t care enjoyed my time. Not my job to figure men out,