After a long, mind numbing rest underground,

I have finally said, “The Hell with it!”

And, I’ve started to blog again. It’s hard to stay in a prison when you ‘re used to running free. I broke out of the mental asylum and am BACK!

Those of you that are new to Rebecca are unaware of my old blog. You probably are really lost right now.

So let me explain…

I was outed as a SEX WORKER in my small town. Sex worker is such a broad range label, encompassing so many areas from sex blogging to escorting services and everything you can think of in between.
I had a sex blog, an adult toy store, and was a swinger for years, as well as lot of other side ventures, dealing with sexual freedom and expression. Yea – it gets better. I was a nude model and hosted a sex radio show. My downfall was my past being a gentleman’s companion and, in recent times, an escort.

I call myself a sexual adventurer; a seeker of sensuality. My blog was about my adventures over the many years. Maybe I was dropped on my head as a child, but this is how I have been my whole adult life. I live in my own world with different rules and my boundary lines are askew in comparison to the rest of the world.

Sex is my one and only vice and it has an intense hold on me.

No, this was not my first outing, not my first rodeo and not the first town I’d been run out of. I’m sure it won’t be my last. Fifty states, baby, and only two towns down!
The first town I was chased from I was young and only a swinger and working in an adult toy store. It seemed a blameless crime to me.

This last time I was older and had so much more to lose. I was a prominent business owner in a way too small fish bowl of a town. What was so different was it hit my kids; as a mother, you do whatever you have to do to protect your young.

So we left.

We ran from peasants wielding sharp pitchforks and screaming profanities at us. These are the same peasants that read the book 50 Shades of Gray. They also brag about how kinky and sexually accepting they are far from embracing it.

The crowd chased on as if making me leave would change anything in the world. I was wounded by the stabs and needed to heal. Ending up in a place that was very green and extremely cold and had these strange things called mountains. The place was about as tasty as a glass of water.

I was either unable or unwilling to write. Many thoughts and feelings just laid stagnant in my mind. With no outlet, I became a shell of myself with no voice. The world became colorless and flat.

So, down the rabbit hole I jump. Back to a place where sex is acceptable and I’m quite normal. Well, normal when matched up to the Mad Hatter and the crazy Queen of Hearts. If feels good to be home.


I will proudly wear the labels thrown at me. Call me a whore, a slut or a deranged sexual deviant. Tattoo it on my ass if you like.

I won’t ever be quiet again!

* Ranting again & raving mad … but feels more like her than ever.


To the old friends & readers, I was unaware or maybe, just didn’t realize how my departure from the web, would affect all of you. Not until after receiving numerous emails, did I understand your feelings of betrayal and resentment. I falsely believed that my removal was minimal and my words were irrelevant. Thank you for your support the loyal devotion and the out pouring of fond affection.
I promise not to disappear again.

***Still finding my sea legs, in it for the long haul, Very thankful to still be loved,