Rebecca - dating04e

Now that I’m dating, I find myself in the shark filled waters.

The question I’m often asked is:

So, how is dating going?

Well, it’s interesting and it always makes me laugh.

I find the dating sites addictive.

Between new photos popping up and the peculiar profiles, I find it hard not to be entertained.

I was honest with my profile.

It reads:

‘I have a wicked sense of humor or so my friends say. I smile a lot and I’m drama free. After all life can be challenging enough, why add to it with drama? I enjoy a good glass of wine but love Craft beer. I’m not very good at cooking. And, on a side note, things go on fire when I enter the kitchen….just a warning! I admit to being a sci-fi geek that loves ‘Star Trek’ but I will not go to a convention with you. So, don’t ask. I talk about loving horror movies anything with a Zombie or Vampire is good in my book.’

My friends describe me as friendly, fun-loving,loud and energetic and easily distracted by shinny objects.

I like to say I’m like a circus -your happy when it comes to town- you never know what will happen but it’s loud shiny and always very entertaining.

Then, I got down to the good stuff.

Yes, my pic’s are current& dated. No, I don’t have nudes for you. No, I don’t want to be your ‘Sugar Mama.’


Well, maybe you could wash my car.

I salsa dance and I’m 100% Latin….. but, No, I don’t speak the language or cook the food. If you’re looking for a ‘Latin Mama’ keep looking; false advertising here. I’m as white as they come.

I’m low maintenance. (ok… don’t laugh this is really true!)

I’m really good at being a Smart Ass and people watching. Oh! And, running with scissors … I am very good at that.

What is the first thing people notice about me? They usually HEAR me before they SEE ME. and I guess I also have really big eyes!

Things, I could never do without:

Sunshine because everything is better in the light of day.

The ocean because it puts everything into prospective.

Naps, I think I was a cat in another life,

Cereal because I hate to cook and burn lots of things, Yep soup too! Laughter it’s the one thing that makes life on a tough day bearable.

I spend a lot of time thinking about:

Why are people so crazy? Maybe the whole world should be in therapy or medicated.

You should message me if:

You’re not offended easily. Like to laugh a lot and would enjoy making me laugh a lot, as well. NOT a stalker, I have one! You can be put on the waiting list if you like.

Be sure to check back to see how the continuing dating saga turns out.

Rebecca: Looking for her partner in crime, The water is really empty,looking for my whale.