His photo popped up and his eyes burned from the computer screen to a cold spot and sparked some heat.

Oh Lord… The Professor. He was the one that turned this monster back on after laying dormant for so long.

I call him Professor because he schooled me in a few things.  He has a medical background. It amused me when he would explain what he did and why.

I Don’t care just do it again.

We dated a month It was more than either of us could handle. So we became friends with benefits. He was very mysterious and shared very little. I was very closed and stingy with my time.

He is a geek and we could have fantastic conversations. Much like magnets that attract when we got very close our clothes would just fall off. But we always went our separate paths.

He had a respect for my sexual journey. He said it best.

Much like a wild horse you can ride  and enjoy till you get bucked off.                                     You have to admire its wild spirit and beauty and grace.

He actually got me.

I’m thankful for him helping me journey back from that nightmare called Menopause. No worries he pops up from time to time in the blog.

Rebecca, Going to college because your never to old to learn. Finding her sea legs once again. My pretty bucking pony.